How to Motivate Your Customers to Buy


We all know that motivating your customers to buy is the difference between any business closing down, or thriving.

When a customer is looking for a new product, there are three factors that influence their decision.

  • Disappointment with current Product (The reason why they’re buyers)

When buyers realize they are dissatisfied with their current solution they begin to look in a different direction. It’s your job to guide them to the right place.

  • Future Feelings (What they want from the new product)

To understand what your customer wants in the future, you must define what exactly their dissatisfaction is originally. Ask them why they started looking elsewhere, What is not working currently, and how they would like it done differently.


The third factor is the one that discourages customers and that’s fear. You eliminate their fear by overcoming any doubts they may have by reminding them of their disappointment with their current product, and they feelings they’ll have in the future.