How to Choose the Right Website Design

Choosing the right Platform to build your website on can be as much of a challenge as 2nd grade is to a blonde. I kid the blondes (myself included) But picking a Website Building Platform will help you create a website that will grab your customer’s attention. Here are 3 Easy steps to solving your website dilemma.


  • Choose your platform
    • There are plenty of Website building Platforms with variety of themes to choose from. Such builders as Wix, WordPress, Weebly and Squarespace.
    • Some website builders are simple to use making it easy for beginners to build their website but are limited in terms of customization.
    • Other website builders are flexible in their design, but have a steep learning curve.
  • Consider a Web Developer
    • If you lack design skills it will show if you make your website
    • Your website is the first experience a lot of your customers have with your company, ensure it’s a positive one by hiring a professional.
  • Keep it simple.
    • Trying to make it flashy, will end up making it look overstuffed and complicated
    • Only put in information that your customers need. Less is more.