Video Production for Meetings, Presentations, & Events

Recording Public Speakers Keynotes

Live Production plus Audio/Lighting

Streaming Operations Systems that take multiple shows IN directly from the field and ensure that they are delivered to your website or endpoint correctly

Simplify Management of Multiple Events

We travel the country &

and STILL BEAT local pricing!

Receive a no obligation quote on your event based on scope of work.
Often we beat competing Video Production companies on price because we own and maintain our own equipment. And don't have large kickback arrangements with venues like many "In-House" A/V outfits

The 3 Core Promises

Satisfaction Guaranteed 200%

We are so positive that you'll love who you are working with that we have a 200% Satisfaction Guarantee on our labor.

200% Satisfaction Guarantee

Receive a 100% refund of all labor costs paid on your invoice. Even up to the last day of your production!
To ensure you are completely satisfied, we pay a competing company of your choice up to the original amount paid.

That's how confident we are that we are the best choice for you!

non-labor costs like  travel  or  equipment ? We also refund that 100% via the original payment method used.

On Time. Every Time.

On-Time Delivery Guarantee.

If we fail to deliver on time, you get a full refund. 
We know your time is valuable, we won't waste it.

Protected and Backed Up.

All productions come with 30 days of Surely-Safe Storage by default. 

On-Site and Managed Cloud Storage to secure your footage.

After the grace period, purchase your storage by contacting your production coordinator.

Plan your show in 45 minutes or less.

Any planning done inside the 45-minute call is complimentary, diagrams, wiring schematics, signal flow charts, all that nerdy stuff that you can take to a competitor and shop and see just how good we are at what we do.

We know that planning a production for your next project can be an undertaking. Come with your vision for the future and we'll help you form a concrete plan to turn idea into reality.

Prefer to write it out? Email: [email protected] to start the conversation.  

Room Diagrams

To save time and cost setting up your production

Detailed Schematics

To ensure every input and output is accounted for.

Script creation

Writing scripts for your videos to ensure everyone can hear.

Call Now

Get your production from off the "To Do" list and on the "To Done" list.
In 10 minutes or less we will be able to tell if we can help you with your current project. If we can, the remainder of the call we'll focus on making your upcoming production move from vision to reality.

. Questions? Answered.

Prod 44 Guarantees 6 weeks from the last day of production as a standard, though faster turnarounds are available (even same day edits!)  

Formed by a former ABC News and NBC Sports Television Producer. Prod 44 leverages the "Secrets of TV Production" and puts them to work for you.

A non-exhaustive list of event types we have handled...

✔️International Ice Hockey Championships

✔️ ​Multi-Day Seminars w/ Olympic Medalists, Movie Stars, and More

✔️ Highlight Videos of events with 20,000+ in attendance

✔️Commemorative feral hog eradication flights

✔️ Advertisements for radio schools

✔️ Automated Follow Ups in the sales process of startup companies

✔️ Created Product for speakers to create additional revenue streams

What kind of price should I expect?
We have lines of business between $850 through $10,000+
The price is 100% dependent upon the scope of work.

For context, here are some landmarks:

You need video for a local business on your website 
Sharing the story of how the business was formed with footage of the service / product featured. a one or two technician team can knock this out in a day.

You need video at an all-day live conference with multiple presenters, keynote speakers, a live camera crew, as well as sound and lighting to ensure the video looks great end to end.

You have a multi-day sports tournament 
Live streaming to your platform where your audience can see your event. with play by play announcing talent, multiple crews, and significant technical resources deployed in the field.